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    Accelerating the pace of development, striving to expand the new situation

    2019-09-04    Source:    Hit:477

    Since July, sijia group has been holding mid-year work summary meetings of materials division and flooring division successively, and the group's sales engineer team gathered together to jointly look forward to the new blueprint of sijia group's business development in the second half of 2019 and the future.


    The meeting reported and summarized the sales situation of each regional market of the group's materials and flooring business in the first half of the year, analyzed the gains and losses, and Shared methods, made plans on how to achieve the sales target in the second half of the year, dealt with market changes, accelerated the pace of development, and strived to open a new market situation.

    In the first half of this year, the group's star products have achieved good sales performance. Due to the gradual improvement of consumers' requirements for product experience and environmental protection , the market demand gradually increases for sijia series products, sijia space cloth materials, inflatable boat materials and other new materials, generally have good weather resistance, tear resistance, convenient processing and other advantages, extremely competitive in the market. And sijia super-core floor gradually expand the popularity at home and abroad by participating in domestic and foreign professional exhibitions, in many fields have shown a good performance of pavement.

    Sijia group follows the policy of customer first, quality first, arrange global market, through hard study and training, each division continuously improves the team's brand awareness and service awareness, and adheres to the company's management policy, sticks to the team's excellent genes and deep experience, continues to provide customers with professional product consulting and service, constantly explores the market, opens new ideas, new channels, and promotes the sustainable development of the company.         

    Materials division and flooring division of the group play an important role in the company's business development, information collection, market trends and other links, and always occupy the forefront of communication with customers and the market, and coordinate development with the functional departments of the group.

    With a positive working team, sijia will further consolidate the confidence of accelerating development, be pragmatic, down-to-earth, and achieve new development in the global market.


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